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 Question of integrity

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PostQuestion of integrity

I have a question or at least I'm having some issues with a situation. As noted in other threads Cerner has left SES. That's one part of what I'm dealing with, it is what it is or will be. I just need to find a few new clients. My issue comes out of legal contracts vs personal relationships. The person who is taking over the account has been a friend for several years. He used to be my boss at Cerner before leaving them to work for Display Studios. We have always gotten along famously. I honestly believe that he doesn't want the account and that when he tells me he tried to convince them to leave things alone, I believe he probably did. Here's the rub. 4 months ago Cerner went to him and made him sign a confidentiality agreement before they would even tell him what it concerned. With that he came in, worked along side me in moving the warehouse acting the entire time as if I really had nothing to be concerned about. I don't understand how you do that. How do you not tell someone that their entire life is going to be turned upside down when that person is a friend ? I know, he was bound by law. And therein lies my issue. Does it show more integrity to follow the rule of law and actively deceive someone or does it show integrity to be true to a person rather than a principle?

He says he is sorry I feel like that. And he may actually be. I feel like I lost a job and a friend.

Personally I believe if I was put in that position I would have to tell my boss to find someone else to put on the account so that at very least I didn't have to look someone in the eye and act like everything was cool. I told him I knew he didn't want to and that I knew he signed the agreement. I also told him that I couldn't have done that to him and I believe that to be true.

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Re: Question of integrity
Post on Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:59 pm by clouddancer
TM, this is just My Honest and Humble Opinion, for what it's worth...I see the rock and the hard place your friend was/is in; however, I would have either refused the job and then told you what Cerner is doing, refused to sign any document like that for two reasons...1) I would take it to an attorney to see what he said, and 2) I would ask that attorney's advice about the situation with regards to you and your long time friendship with this person.  The next thing I would do is pray about it and then go with my gut on that feeling...but IF I had been in his place I would have told you, come what may.  I hope this helps.
Re: Question of integrity
Post on Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:12 pm by Sunny
Well, a couple of things jump out at me.  This so-called contract the guy claims to have signed actually signed it without knowing exactly what it contained?  Did he actually sign it 4 months ago when they came to him wanting him to come back and when did he come back?
Re: Question of integrity
Post on Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:27 pm by Sunny
Just read your post again and saw he came back 4 mos. ago when he signed the contract.  Wasn't it around Christmas time when you were having issues with Cerner paying you?  I just remembered you describing what a hassle it was for you and how unprofessional and wrong it was for them to treat you like they did.  Was this guy already there when all that went on?
Re: Question of integrity
Post on Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:09 am by Lindy
When he signed the contract without knowing what was in it......he knew what was in it.Money talks and Cerner knows that.They basically paid him to keep his mouth shut.IMO theres two ways to go with this relationship.Either you carry the anger and hurt or he does.Let him have it and you move on with no baggage.Clean slate.
Re: Question of integrity
Post on Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:15 pm by clouddancer
THAT'S THE True Spirit, Lindy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Question of integrity
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Question of integrity

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