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 Happy New Year

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Most honored among Natives

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PostHappy New Year

Well another one bites the dust. It's been quite the year in a number of ways. Some people have gone out of my life, some I rejoice, some I regret, don't assume anything. The biggest event of the year was becoming a grandpa. There's something magical about a grandchild. Maybe it's just that when ours were that young we had no clue what the hell we were doing. We quickly found out we were not doing things the same way we were before they came but I think we were just so busy making it through every day that we missed so much. Kaden has brought so much joy and wonder. But I see it more than I did with ours. That sounds bad, it's not that ours weren't a life changing event, they definitely were. It's just that now it's so much more relaxed and amazed all over again at the way they develop so fast. That's the kind of thing we missed. It seems like we blinked and they were in school, blinked again and it was high school. I look for 2014 to be even more amazing.

There has also been a darker side to the past year. I've never in my life had any problem sleeping. Never. Any. This year I started having trouble. It came completely out of the blue and to be honest it shook me up some. Still does sometimes. I think most of it is stress. There have been a lot of changes in the way the company functions. It had to be because Cerner went crazy ( I don't really see any signs thats going to change this year ) A lot more coordination of people and finances and financing everything that was coming my way. It's worked out well or at least it is so far. My personnel aren't ready by any stretch but we survived the year quite well.

Now whether this is stress or just realization is anyone's guess but I have also just this last year started to tale seriously the notion that at some point I really am going to die. Stupid as it sounds, I never really even gave the whole life/death thing a second thought. To be clear I believe in Jesus and I've ask Him into my heart and I believe He is there. I fully believe in Heaven and the afterlife, I have for some time. Now that may have just a hint to do with the feeling of immortality I had for so long. I think it's the math too. At 62 those numbers don't work like they used to. I know there are those on here who are older and I thank God because it gives me encouragement. So does my grandma who was pretty active up till about 95. But then I've seen the reality of people my age or younger going every day.

This all sounds gloomy and I don't mean for it to be. I'm expecting to have a great year in 2014 and beyond. I truly hope you all have a great year ahead.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.Edmund Burke

Once you get past my charm, good looks, intelligence and sense of humor, I think it's my modesty that really stands out.
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Re: Happy New Year
Post Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:05 pm by clouddancer
You are blessed!

The sleep thing is over rated...kind of...part of it is likely stress related, but it's also R/T the fact that you are getting older...older Americans just don't sleep as much as they did earlier in their lives...don't ask me why, cuz I haven't the foggiest notion, but it is a fact.

As for the comings and goings in your/our is my belief that we all have something to learn with every situation and person that comes into our lives...whether we like it or not...we all learn by doing...

Happy New Year

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